About Vivify Media

Founded in May 2013, Vivify Media was envisaged as an integrated media organisation in the field of Science and Technology (S&T). Vivify means to make more lively or interesting. It signifies our commitment to knowledge sharing and business collaboration across various S&T verticals.

Vivify Media has the expertise of facilitating content development and publishing in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, devices, diagnostics, information technology applied to biotechnology (Bio-IT) and energy. We have hands-on experience on projects and customised publishing products like newsletters, research areas and technology focus specials, state focus supplements, compendia, event-specific supplements, brochures and video case studies. An understanding of the nuances of various sectors and a strong focus on content is what we bring to the table.

We have a footprint in the following areas:

  • Creating awareness for students and educators about the scope and prospects of a career in biotechnology along with necessary skill sets required by the industry, available courses, touchdown to reality and populating more content on such topics.
  • Outreach and awareness activities for scientific institutions highlighting impact of research and breakthroughs, achievements of the institute and their success stories.
  • Conceptualised a sector agnostic series 'i2M: Idea to Market' to promote promising, innovative and emerging technologies/products and start-up ecosystem in Biotech, Assistive Technologies, Health-Tech, Waste to value, Agricultural Management, Clean Energy & Environment and so on.
  • Marketed and generated sponsorship, tie-ups and partners for national and international events/ programs in Life sciences arena.